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When it is about coke then it is impossible to hear from someone that they don’t drink coke or they haven’t had one before because it is one of the drinks which are a must of life. The Coke Rewards brings a new excitement for the customers through which they get a new zeal to buy more and more drinks. The promotional scheme helps people in redeeming points and in getting various prizes from small to grand along with taking part in the sweepstakes. The Coke Rewards are based on iCoke points which one has to collect by making an online account on the website.

How To Sign Up?

  • Go to the official site of the coke rewards. Click on the tab “Get Rewards”, after that choose the reward category and click on “Get It Now”.
  • You will be directed to the login page where you have to enter login details like “User Name” and “Password” , but if you want to go for the registration process then click on “Register Now”
  • Click on sign up if you are having the account already otherwise click on the option “Register”
  • Provide the data required which will be your name and your valid e-mail address along with your location and address information along with date of birth.
  • Tick the option if your are Canadian and for the VIP membership.
  • Enter security code and then click on terms and conditions check box by agreeing on their rules. Click on “Submit”.
  • Once your account is created then type your code under the bar saying :type your code here”
  • Your code will give your points and will add it with the rest.
  • Once your points are collected to a specific amount where you can redeem the prize of your choice then you can do it by clicking on “redeem my points”


You can take part in sweepstakes by redeeming your points and can win a tour for 4 in a Caribbean Cruise. On the other hand you can also get prizes of your choice since the list is not short from where you have to choose from.

About Company:

The company requires no such introduction due to its worldwide chain of beverage manufacturers and corporation. The company is basically American and the complete name is The Coca Cola Company. It was founded in 1886 and the headquarters are situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It is being served in more than 200 countries and its daily servings have reached to the digit of 1.7 billion. The ownership of the drink has been passing around in history but now it is a stable and one of the strongest companies of the world. Its products and subsidiaries are increasing rapidly with time making it more and more successful.

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