Install Scrabble Dictionary App On iPhone And iPad

Without a shadow of doubt the best word game that is known to man is scrabble. That statement should of course be taken with a pinch of salt on account of the fact that it is a biased view. Whatever your feelings about the game of scrabble are, you cannot deny it’s popularity as a game.

Where there is a game of scrabble, you will have an accompanying dictionary that is actually the subject matter of this article. Thanks to the online world, it is now possible to have your online game of scrabble with an accompanying online dictionary. The scrabble dictionary that is being alluded to here, the scrabble dictionary that is available on i tunes, is the crossword dictionary. The term cross word should not deceive you into believing that this application is limited to crosswords only. This is an application that allows you to play around with words thus letting you ‘cheat’ in your game of scrabble. The game that is developed by JP Martineau retails for the sum of $ 3.The question that you need to ask is as follows: How do I install a scrabble dictionary app on iphone and iPad.

The mechanics on how to go about this are given below.

  • Your first port of call starts when you download iTunes , for this you will need to click on the following link:
  • Ensure that your computer is compatible with the windows systems requirements;
  • When you open the iTunes window, you should proceed to the control tag and click on the I tunes store and the applications available on the online store will be availed to you;
  • Click on the scrabble dictionary application, make your online payment and it will be downloaded to your PC.

The advantage of having a scrabble dictionary application on your iphone and iPad are a myriad. This application comes with the advantage of ensuring that you seek out specific words by the number of letters you actually need, and even specifically by the specific letter that a particular letter begins with. This application has limitations in the sense that there are certain words that the application might not have; the long and short of the matter however is that you get to significantly ease your headache when you are caught up in some conundrum. To know the inner details and pros and cons of this application, you will need to follow the linkt that is provided here scrabble dictionary.


This application is a complete dictionary and thesaurus that aides you in formatting the words that you require to get through this game. The application is customized for iphone 5, but will work with I operating system 6. It is compatible with iphone, iPad, and IPod Touch. The size of this software is 60MB,and the rating (age) stands above 12 years on account off the presence of words that might offend / be inappropriate to individuals who might be aged below twelve.

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