iPhone app for searching and browsing URBAN DICTIONARY

With the advancement of technology, there are numerous high tech devices that have been born. These include smart phones, I pads, note books among others. The iphones has been made better with time having the latest iphone 5 lately launched. These devices also come with various apps to enable the users’ access certain information such as games and so on. One of the apps available is iphone app for searching and browsing URBAN DICTIONARY. Just as the name suggests, the app enables users access everything pertaining to dictionary such as multiple definitions of words, phrases and so forth.

When you have this iphone app on your smart phone, you will always get the latest words; you also get to browse words by letter since it has a browse feature incorporated. You also have access to over six million words and you can directly share various definitions with all your facebook friends. If you want to revisit a page later, you can mark it as your favorite. Iphone app for searching and browsing URBAN DICTIONARY has everything that you would want all in one intuitive interface.

The app has various features including

  • Easy navigation and access within application
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • A source of slang for  folks learning English
  • Random words of the day on a daily basis
  • Similar words browsing
  • An option to search for any phrases or words
  • Share any words via sms, facebook and twitter

The app is not only being used by the young adults; parents are also using this app and they happen to find it fun, since they can stay at bay with all the slang words kids use. This way, they do not have to look old fashioned anymore.

Down loading and using the urban dictionary on your iphone

For you to enjoy all the features, you have to download the application to your iphone. This is how you do it; you just have to click on https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/urban-dictionary-by-slango/id337013987?mt=8. Before you can use itunes, you have to learn how to   go about it to ensure that you do everything right, otherwise your app might not work properly. Once you are on the itunes page, at the right corner, you will find ‘how to’ option. Click here and there is a page with video tutorial that’s going to display. Here, you learn how to get and download apps for your smart phone via the featured tutorials. Before you can be able to buy the urban dictionary for your iphone, you must get itunes on your phone first. When you successfully download itunes, you can now get the urban dictionary app.


As it is, this is the only app with a browse feature hence making it one of the most advanced applications to ever be created. Since iphone app for searching and browsing URBAN DICTIONARY hit the market, it has gained popularity among both the teenagers as well as the grown ups. Do yourself a favor and get this particular app.

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