Jack In The Box: Buy A Jack Cash Gift Card Between $15 – $100

Jack in the Box is a San Diego restaurant company that operates one of the largest hamburger chains in North America. This entity boasts of around 2,200 restaurants in 21 states. The company also operates a subsidiary – Qdoba Mexican grill. The Mexican grill is a fast casual dining area with in excess of 600 restaurants in some 42 states.

The novelty about this food franchise and the subject upon which this article is actually hinged upon is that you can actually purchase a cash gift card that is valued between $ 15 and $ 100. These cash cards are convenient and easy to spend like currency. These cards can be purchased online as well as from the different Jack in the Box locations all over North America. To purchase a gift card(s) that is in excess of $ 500, you will need to contact the customer care personnel.

To purchase a Jack Cash gift card (online) you will need to follow the following guide:

  • Foremost, go to the official Jack in the box website: Jack Cash;
  • On the left side of the screen, you will find a control panel, click on the Jack Cash link;
  • The web page you are directed to has a single link labeled Buy a Card, click on this link;
  • The web page that you are directed to –card mall– is a third party agent that deals with processing the gift card that will be used by Jack Cash. In the command fields, you will be basically required to choose your gift amount (between $ 15-100) and the quantity of gift cards that you are purchasing.

The gift card arrives within 3 – 10 days depending on your preferred shipping method. The company has come a long way since the days of Robert Peterson who opened the first Jack in the Box store in 1951.The first store outside California was opened in the year 1961 in Phoenix, Arizona, and in 1969 the franchise opened its 100th restaurant. In the year 1992 the entity was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, this move was meant to rejuvenate the era of growth that was a hallmark of the 1970’s. The company is strong on people eating right and offers meals that go beyond fast foods: salads, desserts, and breakfast meals are but some of the meals that the company offers to its clients.


Jack in the box is not just in the business of food. The entity has a foundation that is dedicated towards improving the welfare of the communities where the entity is part of the wider community. The largest beneficiary of the charity arm of the organization is without a shadow of doubt the Big Brother Big Sister Charity organization. The entity performs acts of charity on the premise that it is part of the wider community, and strongly believes that when a person in the community is affected by an issue, then all members are indirectly touched, and it behooves them to come together.

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