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Cyber crimes are increasing as the business and use of internet has been increased. You can also call it online robberies, to get rid of these crimes the business men are provided with many of the security applications. Many of the companies have been working for this problem and a well known company is Kaspersky. This company is presenting much useful software for the people to save their important data and information. Now you can avail all the facilities without going to the offices in person at their website. If you have made shopping at its site and you want to check your rebate status then you can also check it over there. Visit the website just now and follow the given guide to access your rebate status.

Make a security shield for your business and personal accounts against the crawling viruses through the software and applications launched by this company. The rebate status checking process is quite convenient and easy.


  • The website to check the rebate status is given as follows .
  • There is a bar of green color containing few options, from this select the option of “check rebate status”.
  • You will se two portions at the next page, in the first the rebate status can be checked by providing your contact information while in the second you can do this task providing the tracking ID.
  • If you check it through your contact information then simply type your name address and zip code.
  • Press the “search” button.
  • If you are using the other option then type your ID number, this ID is sent to you by the company using your email ID.
  • Click on “search” button.
  • You will be directed to the needed page by the site itself.
  • You can get much other information related to the company and its services at .


The process available for checking the rebate status at the website of the company is quite easy and quick. The requirements are not too much that you could not fulfill instead you just need a little information and it is done.

About Company:

This is a multinational company that is located in Russia. It is considered the leading company in the list of software developing companies. The date of foundation of this company is 1997 and it is working in about 200 countries.

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