Enroll To Lowe’s Canada For Weekly Flyers Promotion

To take any of the news to the Eifel Tower’s top from zero e fliers is the fastest means as compared to any other. They attract you through their attractive colors as well as with their friendly designs and make your mind to work with them. Now you can get the entire information about them over their official website and they also have offered you a facility to get registered at their site. The registration process is quite easy and do not consumes much of your time instead it just needs you to provide a little information about your self, your contact and you are done with it. If you feel any kind of difficulty in performing this process then here this is the guide that will help you towards your task.

Do not wait for some other possibility and avail it so you do not feel sad after loosing it too. Visit the site and the rest is just the matter of seconds.


  • Get the home page  at lowes.ca.
  • On accessing the page see the link “Weekly Flyer & Promotions” click on it.
  • Next click on any promotion listed on the next page by click on the button “Learn more” at the end of each promotion.
  • Next add your zip code, city or country of your location for the accessing the store near to you.
  • After accessing the page you can get this promotion by making online account
  • After the home page is opened you will see a link saying “account”.
  • In the new opened window there are two options for you, you can login to your account using your password and username otherwise click on “new user”.
  • You are asked to enter your email ID in the given area.
  • Hit the button “create account” after you have typed your email ID.
  • Follow the directions given on the next pages and complete your registration process.
  • Once the registration process is completed go to the settings and preferences of your account.
  • Select the option to get the notifications in your inbox.
  • The flier will be sent to you through email of Lowe’s account.
  • The services can also be accessed in your mobile phones.


If you are familiar with flier then you must have created your account over there. It provides you the great facility in a way that the flier you were using would get deactivated and the new one will be automatically activated. This way the company attracts its customers.

About Company:

Lowe’s Corporation Ltd. is the name of it at official level providing appliances and home improvement. The year of its establishment is 1946 and it is located in North Carolina United States.

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