Join UPMC To Exchange Email And Calendar Online

Opening your emails and checking calendars is must thing for people. They check both these things daily as they carry great importance in one’s life. Through email they can stay connected with many of their friends, team members for discussing the important things. Even calendar carries great importance for people as with the help of it, they can see all the reminders of their life. Even many other important tasks get accomplished when you access email and calendar. Now with the help of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center you can easily access your exchange email and calendar. You just need to go through few of the steps for this purpose.


  • When your internet is connected, you need to open your web browser. It is not compulsory to open any specific browser. The one that is already in your PC can perform the task.
  • Type the official web address of the site in the respective place which is .
  • Click on the option of ‘exchange email’ and ‘calendar’.
  • They will ask you to login into their site. If you have got a username and password then simply sign in with them otherwise sign up for an account.
  • Provide all the relevant details to them that are needed for the creation of your account.
  • Check all their terms and policies and accept them.
  • Complete the security check and after this tell them that which type of edition you would like to have.
  • From the numerous options that will appear, you have to click on the option of ‘light edition’. Your outlook web application will then be in light edition.
  • Choose the username and password for your account and click the Submit button.
  • For accessing the exchange email and calendar, you have to login through your username and password.


This whole process will get finished in just few minutes. They give you many benefits when you will join them like information regarding medicines will be given to you and many other such useful things will be told.

About Company:

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is a private health care industry. It was founded in 1893. Headquarter of the company is located in U.S. Steel Tower Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are serving in Western Pennsylvania, Italy, Ireland, Japan, China, Qatar, United Kingdom and many other countries.

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