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In the North American region, there are two names that are pre eminent when it comes to publishing articles that are tailored for those who are between the sixth grade and the twelfth grade. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston and McDougal Littell.

A Brief History

These two entities have merged to form the entity that is Holt McDougal. The end result of this is that you basically get to reap the best from both worlds in the sense that when two of the best players in the industry come together the consumer is all the richer. The products that are offered by this publisher are tailored for students who are between the 6th to 12thgrade. The subjects that are dealt with in this publication(s) are mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, and English languages. There are a number of assessment methods that are applied to measure  the development of the learner, the intricacies of each index can only be expounded upon in detail when you log on to the  official site. To log on, you will be required to first sign up, the signing up process is expounded upon below.

Sign Up On Holt Mcdougal

  • Your first port of call should be the following hyper link –
  • On the main menu, you will see a link tagged – Login / Register, click on to it;
  • On the new window that is open there is a right link for registering new users, you will need to elect whether you intend to make purchases from your personal funds, or from district or institutional funds. Click on the option that you think captures your aspirations;
  • The data fields that come along will require that you create a user name and a password; this is then followed by a set of security questions, and lastly financial information – your social security number, your credit account number and so on.
  • At the end of the process, you need only press on the agree button – that betokens that you are willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the vendor and you are good to go.

The platforms on which all this takes place across are as follows: Pinpoint, Edusoft, Data Director, and Learning Village. The over- riding philosophy of the creators of this software is borne from the belief that life- long learning is inspired by curiosity and for this curiosity to be natured one has to basically begin early – in other words one has got to catch them when they are young.


The long and short of the matter is this, when it comes to matters regarding education, you need to ensure that your child is well equipped to face the challenges of the world. Being well equipped in this case means that your child receives the best in so far as matters on exposure, experiential learning, and that sort of thing are concerned.  Get any publication from Holt McDougal and get your child on the stairway to a world class education.

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