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There are many different websites available these days which offer students loans for their studies. One of them is great lakes. It has gained much popularity among the people due to their great services. People are always happy and satisfied with the services and all the help which they give them. They allow students to check each of their details online. They also provide them the chance to sign in through their own email addresses and passwords so that they remain aware of all the updates that are made on the site.


  • For getting started, you must have to go to the official web site of the company first so that you will find the sign in process for your account. However if you want a direct access, then go can also go to this link for further processing. mygreatlakes.org
  • After getting the resulted page on the above link, you can see the assign in fields on the left side of the page for the registered users. Give your user ID in the field and press the log in button.
  • However if you do not have a registered user ID then you have to create in first by clicking on the button named as “Sign up for Account Access”.
  • At there you will have to give some information which is required. First give a user ID in the first field.  After this give a password for the account creation. Reenter the password and then give your social security number in the below field.
  • In the next field give your date of birth and then press “Continue” button. After this, you will be given the next pages where you will have to confirm your identity. After this you will be required to create your PIN in the next coming pages. Complete the entire process as give by the instructions and complete the account creation process.


Signing up for an account on great lakes is the easiest process through which you can access all your loans. This process will be completed in just few minutes. Once you become their registered member you can access all of their information and details.

About Company:

Headquarter of great lakes is situated in Madison, Wisconsin. They have other operating centers in many other locations like South Dakota, Aberdeen etc. They work for providing loans to the students who need them. They are source of brightening the future of students.

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