Joint My Pay DFAS Online Account To Access Employee Portal

This is the advanced form of technology that enables the web users to control, manage or process their online account with effective and innovative way of automated system. This system allows individuals to view or print their current account status and also gave the authority to make changes in their account like in discretionary pay roll items. With the enhanced features of this electronic system, it provides faster service then other online services. The department, which is the acronym of Defense Finance and Accounting Service, is the government organization that is responsible for providing online accounting and financing services to civil and military members of the department. They ensure secured policy to their online members to manage their pay account with full authority. And for that you have to create your account on their official website.

How To Create?

  • In order to access the automotive system account, you will go to the official website of the DFAS government service that is “”. Click on this website link to visit the home page of the website.
  •  This site will walk you through the entire system that will tell you about the policies of their agency.
  •  On the homepage of this website, you will see the log in page on the left side. To access the account, firstly you have to create an account. For that you will go to the registration link that was written bellow the smart card log in option and will click on the option of “Create an account”.
  • Then a new registration page will open to create an account. On that page you will provide your SSN number and social security number. The security number is especially given to the member of this department. Make sure that you have the social security number of this department.
  • When you are finished with your information then click on the option of “Submit” to continue the process.
  • Through this process you will be able to create an account. Then go back to the home page and type the log in information. And for that you will type your user id and password. Then click on the option of “continue”.
  • With the help of above step, you will get access to your online account and can manage your account.


This account will display your account information through which you can take a view or print and also can make amendment in your pay account. With the help of this account, you can start, stop and change electronic allotments to financial institution and can also save your IRS Form.  Moreover, you can receive latest updates of your account.

About Agency:

This is the agency of United States Department of Defense. This agency was established in 1991. This agency is associated with civil and military services and is responsible for providing financial and accounting services to them.

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