Myspace App for iPhone and iPod Touch

A little history ,before the app existed about 2 years ago users were forced to use the web based version ,of my space that included  viewing your friends list, photos and adding comments, messaging them and profile viewing and blog viewing, but this is all outdated now.

My space means creating a profile page where one gets to share and connect with friends. It does not just come automatically on a device; one has to have it installed. How do u do it is the obvious question? Below are the steps that you follow to have this application on your i phone or i pad.

  1. Site the location of the appon device,
  2. Click on the search  bar and type my space ,
  3. Click on the appropriate button to continue.

For a device to successfully load the app it must have the following:

1)      Enough space of 6.9MB.

2)      Web access

3)      My space account.

With the application, one has access to emails, blogs and thus stays connected with their friends. If you want to learn more about this application you san follow this link. Myspace.

It also has a wide range of entertainment from music to videos in the multimedia. It also lets one to discover new entertainment content from anywhere without having to log in.

One can also connect with many people bearing in mind there is a privacy setting for your account; and unlike other social networks where people view your profile, at my space that is not the case though your friends can still email you.

Something else quite interesting is the ability to creating a slide show, HTML and much more that my space doesn’t tell you but displays as surprises to its users, and this allows you the chance to at least add almost everything you want on my space thus the power of advance editing.

My space app for iphone and the iPad touch now has an updated version 2.0 that comes with new user interface and lots of new features.

What’s New In This Version

1)      Browsing without necessarily having to log in

2)      Instant notifications for new activities

3)      Manage all your stuff in one place

4)       Keep in touch with your pals

5)      Find and connect with artists in iTunes library to get latest updates.

6)      Get stream updates being shared by others.

In this version, you can also share updates and links, upload photos and also share it all on Facebook, Twitter and my space.

My space app is available in 16 languages including English, Spanish, and Japanese among others.

Why Have My Space App

1)      To read reviews

2)      Get customer ratings

3)      See screenshots and get a wide range of great features

This application has also created employment for developers at the international level, where young minds come up with new ideas and share them easily on my space to better their lives. This is where young talents are posting their stuff online and thus have high chances of being noticed by interested parties who can help them make their dreams come true.

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