Take The Del Taco Survey And Get $1 Discount Offer

You enjoy eating Tacos at here but you need something more out of it? If so then you are in for a treat. You can now use this survey to take and then win amazing prizes and deals from the restaurant. Taking survey helps you to get easily through the questions and make your way towards the best deals. If you have to take the survey then you should follow the instructions and the requirements given below to get successfully done with it.


  • You need your four digit location number.
  • The receipt that you get from your last food at the restaurant. It will consist of the survey code which would consist of 15 digits.


  • First of all you need to access the website by the link Myvisit.deltaco.com .
  • You will see the home page where you will choose the language between English and Espanola.
  • Enter the four-digit location number and then click on START.
  • Then you will be asked to enter your 15-digit survey code from the receipt.
  • When you have done entered this you will be forwarded to the survey.
  • You will take the survey and also enter your details that would beĀ  required by you.
  • After that you will submit the form.


  • The results of the survey are not dependent on the type of feedback you have provided through the survey.
  • You will be contacted and notified about the results through your e-mail.
  • Because of the above situation you are required to give your authentic e-mail and other information.
  • Read all the terms and policies of use of the survey very carefully so that you have no ambiguity left about the survey.
  • If there is still any query to be made then you can contact the company through their website.


  • The procedure of taking survey through the internet is easy.
  • It takes a very little time to attend to the survey and get done with it.
  • You get to win wonderful deals with the survey.
  • You do not only get the chance to win but you also get the chance to voice your feedback to the company.
  • The feedback is then used to make the services better.

About Company:

Del Taco is the food chain in many different areas. It is a restaurant for the Mexican food. It is one of the most famous chains that is gaining more fame with each passing day for its scrumptious Mexican cuisine.

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