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Verizon is best known for offering the efficient and convenient mail services for all its users. You could also use it through mobile phones and televisions that use digital cable. All Verizon internet users must have a email address so that you can access and enjoy all the services. All Verizon have a major advantage of creating many email address under one Verizon account, moreover users can access their email accounts from any computer that has an active internet connection. As soon as you establish an email address, checking for incoming messages as well as sending mails is possible.

Below is what you will require:

  • Internet access

Step 1

Start by entering this web address into your internet browser: and wait for the page to load fully.

Step 2

A page with options for email address and password will appear. Here, you need to enter your correct email address as well as your password. Your user name should be in the form of [email protected].

Step 3

Type your Verizon password where it reads ‘password’. You may click on ‘forgot password’ right under ‘sign in’ so as to have your password reset, but that is for the case of lost passwords

Step 4

When you are sure that you have entered the correct details, click on ‘sign in’ and wait for your main page for Verizon email to load fully. The ‘My Accounts’ tab at the top of that email page is for you to change settings on your account, create/change your Verizon email addresses and simply view your Verizon email addresses.

Verizon is best known for medical advice and information. Customers are free to ask questions and they receive instant answers. Below are a few samples:

Recent answers from their doctors;

  1. Dementia symptoms: it is a condition that mostly affects elderly persons; it causes disorders and malfunctioning of the brain hence causing conditions like memory loss and language mishaps. This condition can be diagnosed through analysis of the medical history of family members and also through a comprehensive physical and psychological examination.
  2. Eczema: it is a word that generally describes dermatitis. Medically, the cause of eczema/dermatitis is not yet known. Its treatment varies, but it is always based on patients’ health and age.
  3. People mostly affected by migraines are?  Firstly, migraine is a persistent and severe headache and it commonly affects 14.8% of all adults. Mostly, it affects women as a result of hormonal imbalances. To follow the right therapy one needs to understand the causes of the migraine.
  4. How do doctors perform Pap smear test?  It is best performed in the middle of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The test does not hurt and takes less than five minutes to collect the sample. Doctors use a spatula to scoop some cells for examination under the microscope, and then they are able to detect availability of a suspicious element.

You can also send your questions too. The most sent questions are;

  1. How does one benefit from yoga?
  2. Describe liposuction
  3. Burns normally affect which body parts?
  4. Describe physiotherapy

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