Registration Process At Stpiusx School

St. Pius X School is an elementary school that is run by the St. Pius X Catholic Church. The school offers programs from pre – K to grade 8. This school is famous for its athletic excellence, spirit as well as the range of extra-curriculum activities it offers to its students. The students from St. Pius X School are outstanding in a variety of sports like soccer as well as basketball. The school strives to bring up students who are all rounded. This is why there are numerous clubs and groups students can join. These groups and clubs include the drama guild, rocketry, photography, peer helping, robotics, music and student council.

The school included a library, a gymnasium, a chapel, as well as a multifunctional café. The school handles approximately 200 students every year. For a child to be admitted to St. Pius X School, they must first sit an entry exam before application. Once they pass the exam, they can then proceed to applying for a placement. The exam for placement costs $15 per student.

The Registration Process

  • Visit the school’s facts page on the website.
  • Click on the registration button.
  • Click on the new student button.
  • Read through the page and then click on the facts button.
  • Go to create new account and create an account.
  • Ensure that you fill out all the information requested for in the required text boxes until the page denies you continuation.
  • When you cannot continue, contact St. Pius X offices.
  • Inform them that you have filled the online form.
  • The school will authorize enrollment.

When adding your username and password, ensure that you use more than or at least eight characters. The username has to constitute of letters only while the password should be numbers or vise versa and have to have a special character like @, #, %, $ or even &.

  • Once you notify the school, navigate back to the facts page to complete the application process. Ensure you pay the fees as this is the only way you will be allowed to continue to the next step.
  • Through F.A.C.T.S, create a tuition plan. After you successfully do this, you will be issued with number of agreement. You will find this number at the top of print sheet.
  • Next, fill out, print and submit to St. Pius X’s tuition financing agreement plus the medical exam form, these form(s) should be returned to the school’s office soonest possible. Take with you the agreement number.
  • When going to the school’s offices, you need to take with you:
  1. The original certificate of birth.
  2. A record of immunization.
  3. A social security card.
  4. A certificate of baptism, if required.
  5. A certificate of 1st communion, where necessary.
  6. A latest progress card.

Information Worth Remembering

  • You need to ensure that you have completed the application process before the deadline date (available at the school’s website).
  • You must successfully complete the application process to be guaranteed placement at the school.
  • The school fees must be paid in full for the application process to be complete.
  • An agreement number is the proof of process completion.

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