Gap Outlet Feedback Survey Gives 15% Discount Coupon

About Survey

GAP outlets sell garments of best quality which is why many jean lovers visit the outlets quite often. The services in the outlets as well as the offers attract many visitors. Customers consider all aspects and keep in mind the interactions and staff members they encounter. The quality of garments is noted and so the offers that are provided by outlets are further improved to satisfy the customers. The errors detected by them are appreciated as the errors are removed in the next services provided by them. The communication skills also are constantly noticed by the officials and so staff members are advised to help the customers as politely as possible. The customers are often asked about the satisfaction but asking a few does not help officials estimate the standard of their services.

Uses Of The Survey:

The suggestions of customers are always appreciated as they help improve the quality of products being sold as well as the services, offers and dealing method of staff members. To keep customers happy and satisfied is important as it ensures a constant traffic of visitors to the store for buying products. To let the customers shop daily at the outlets, the garments being sold have to be of exceptional quality and the facilities provided should also be perfect. The officials and staff members should leave no room for errors that could be detected by the customers as they would complain about anything that does not meet their standard. Keeping them happy is necessary and for their feedback and satisfaction estimation, the outlet managers have launched a GAP Outlet Feedback Survey to help them know about the views of the customers regarding the services they provide.

How To Be A Part Of The Survey?

Not only that but they also analyze the satisfaction of customers regarding quality of products and staff member dealings. The reward the customers are given for cooperating in this way is a 15% shopping discount coupon to help them shop freely as they would be given 15% discount.


  1. You must have a computer and internet connection available
  2. You have to be the resident of United States or Canada
  3. You must have visited the outlet
  4. You must have the receipt number

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the preferred language
  3. Read all the rules and regulations
  4. Answer all the questions
  5. You will get a coupon code after giving feedback

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