People Magazine App Guide For A Kindle & Android Devices

If you are a fun of the PEOPLE magazine, it is now possible for you to enjoy your favorite magazine on your android devices. You can enjoy your PEOPLE magazine on kindle fire. With this app, you will be able to buy weekly issues in digital format. You can even buy past issues with this app. For people who are already subscribed for the print edition, they can get the tablet edition for free.  With this app, not only do your enjoy the regular features of the magazine, but you also enjoy entertainment news as soon as it happens from You enjoy twice the star track photos plus bonus, you enjoy tablet only and even photo galleries in the issues. You also enjoy behind the scenes, exclusive celebrity reviews and videos with entertainment extras that are all only one click away.

Features Of The App

  • Access to the current issue of the PEOPLE magazine in tablet form.
  • Access PEOPLE magazine on kindle fire.
  • Get twice the number of bonus and picture star tracks, celebrity photos. Tablet only.
  • You can watch trailers and TV previews and e3ven sample songs.
  • Breaking news as it happens and top stories of the week.

About PEOPLE Magazine

The PEOPLE magazine was previously known as the people weekly. It is a magazine issued weekly and it focuses on human interest stories and celebrities and is a Time Inc publication. It enjoys a readership of more than 46 million adults and this makes it the most read magazine in America. The people magazine’s website,, only focuses on celebrity news. The people magazine is loved for its annual prints on celebrity photo competition, the sexiest man alive, the most intriguing people of the year, and 100 most beautiful people of PEOPLE magazine.

About Download PEOPLE App For A Kindle And Android Devices

You need to note that once you download the app, you automatically agree to the license agreement (end user), which includes the terms of service and privacy policy. When downloading from Amazon, you can read the license agreement on  The application allows you to download and purchase content using real money. It is therefore advisable to configure access controls for app purchases. To do so, you will require a four digit pin by navigating to settings on the menu icon.

 In case you experience any issues with the download, you can contact the download site for help. You can get your app from android app store or from  Ensure that you follow the set up protocol to the letter for it to work on your android devices. You also need to remember that you are required to subscribe to the people’s magazine to get the app.


Undoubtedly, the people magazine app is the best thing that has happened so far for people magazine readers. There is no better way to stay up to date with new books, celebrity news, music and the latest movies. Get the people magazine app today and enjoy your favorite magazine on your android.

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