Access Edmentum Account To Check Your Assessments

For all those students out there who need help in their studies with a better and more adaptable learning environment they need to make their accounts with the online website of PLATO learning environment because it is the place that they are looking for. Those who want better resources and a better information standard to raise their knowledge and get help of an expert level then this is the place to seek for help. The instructions to create the account are mentioned below.

What Do You Need?

In order to create an account on the website the things that most importantly required are:

  • You class ID.
  • You class Password.


  • For having the facility of services given by PLATO Environment, you will be required to have an account on the web site of the company. Visit this link for starting the process.
  • At the resulted page, you will be given log in fields for the registered users. If you have such requirements then enter these in the fields other wise, you can also get the registration for the new account. For this purpose click on the link “Need a PLATO Account for Self-Enroll?”
  • After you will get the resulted page, you can see the requirements to be filled out. At the resulted page click on the button “Lets Get Started” for properly starting the process.
  • You will be asked to enter the class OD after wards to get the online account. Give a user ID for the account creation. After this, give your password for the online account. After entering these both requirements click on the button “Next Step”.
  • Complete the next coming steps and get registration.
  • After registration login to your account and you can easily check your assessments.


  • Students get a better learning environment as clear by the name.
  • They can get better interaction with the things that they have to learn.
  • The online learning is easy and can be followed comfortably.
  • It saves time of the students.
  • Those students who cannot go out for carrying on their education can take the benefit of online education and help their learning to increase.

About Company:

PLATO Learning Environment is a platform for teachers and students where they can gather and interact with each other for a better learning. The students can get best learning aids from the website and the education system.

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