Request To Sell Inventory At Overstock

Overstock is an online marketplace and mainly focuses on selling clothing, furniture and household goods. In order for one to sell at, one is required to fill out an inventory selling request form. When filling out this form, one is advised to be honest. The price range should be ideal as the price on your inventory cannot be increased if you place a price that is too low.

About, also referred to as is an online retailer in that is American and has its headquarters in Utah. The company was launched in 1999 by Patrick M. Bayne. Initially, the company sold returned and surplus goods via an e-commerce online marketplace. Today, it has expanded and sells new merchandise too. was rebranded in 2011 to be known as to unify and simplify the company’s operations internationally.

Overstock went public back in May 2002. This was a $13 per share IPO. The company achieved major growth in the early quarters by marking a $7.7 million profit in 2009. In 2012, the company made its first billion dollar in profits.

Request To Sell Inventory On Overstock.Com

It is good to know that one can only get the fees charged to sell at after they have been approved for selling. evaluates most of the products on discount to the wholesale they are offered at. It is therefore advisable to make the most appropriate offer the first time. The reason this is important is because overstock receives a lot of offers and by offering the best possible offers, overstock avoids prolonged bargains over any offer.

How To Request On Overstock.Com

On this website page, you will get request to sell inventory form that you have to fill out. There are two types of information you require providing in this page; vendor information and product information.

The Product Information Section

The applicant requires having the name of the brand and the name of the product.

  • In the field provided, you need to fill in the brand.
  • Fill in the product name.
  • There is a field provided where you have to fill in with a short description of the product.
  • There is a field for product departments with a drop down list to select from.
  • Fill in the MSRP.
  • In the following fields, the applicant needs to accurately fill in the whole sale price, the offering price, the quantity being offered, the FOB point and the retailers moving the product currently. The applicant is also required to state the price other retailers are selling the product for.

The Vendor Information Section

In this section, the applicant will get to fill out the following fields:

  • Name of the vendor.
  • The name of the company.
  • The company’s email address.
  • The company’s phone number.
  • The company’s fax.

After filling out the above fields, the applicant is provided with a comment box where they need to post comments on their products in less 500 characters.

Once the applicant has successfully and accurately filled out the request form, there is a “submit your request” button they have to click on for their request to be posted and processed.

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