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Only in America: That is the only conclusion that one can come to when they hear about the storied history that went into the making of America’s largest retail chain; Wal-Mart. The story of Wal-Mart is for better or worse intertwined with one man: Sam Walton.

Sam Walton, former founder and owner of this retail chain, had the inspired idea to establish a store that had a first rate customer service, as well as a sense of community in its philosophy. He begun one such store in the South in the second half of the 20th century  – in the year 1962 -and by the  1990’s Sam Walton was the richest American , and Wal-Mart had by then become the largest retail chain in the country. In the 21st century, the giant that is Wal-Mart has spread its wings outside North America and has branches in Southern America, and Africa.  If you want to be a part of the action, then below is a guideline on how to search and apply for jobs at Wal-Mart.

  • Foremost, go to the official website of this retail chain and click on the career link:;
  • The career link directs you to a sub page of the web site – the Hiring center – as the sub page is referred to.  Application is by filling up an application form that is in Pdf file format;
  • The application form is available when one clicks on the apply button on this page. The file ( application form) is in both English and Spanish, typically it will take between thirty minutes and one hour to fill this form;
  • You need to understand that the application form has certain fields that must be filled – these mandatory fields will be indicated by use of a red asterix beside the field.  This application form can be saved and you can pick up from where you last stopped.
  • The complete application form must be submitted within sixty days after it was initially downloaded.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retail brand in terms of market capitalization still operates on the founding philosophy that Sam Walton set up. At the core of the founder’s philosophy was the idea that stores should not just be impersonal vendors but a place where there was a sense of community. This sense of community cuts both ways – it applies to workers as well as customers. With respect to workers, Wal-Mart wants to promote a sense of camaraderie (a place where one can chart their career path in an environment where individuals care for each other). To the customer we believe in adding value to the community – we do not just do business with the community, we also give back to the community by way of fostering a sense of oneness with our clients and through various campaigns of our corporate social responsibility program.


The modern world paints working in the modern corporate world as something akin to being in a gladiator arena. This cold, calculating attitude in the quest to get to the top is anathema in the world of Wal-Mart. Come build your career with us, search and apply for jobs at Wal- Mart.

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