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Located in North America (USA), Hot Topic has a series of many impressive credentials: The pop culture fashion retail store is cited as one of the top 100 best firms to work in America, it features in the rarefied company of Fortune 500 companies, and is considered to have one of the best distribution systems in the world.

Outside the dry statistics on what Hot Topic has achieved in the business world, the reader who might be hearing about this vendor for the first time would probably want to know more about this brand. Here goes. Hot Topic is a vendor that specializes in pop culture inspired fashions. This inspiration of art is not limited to clothing items (tee shirts, denims, shoes, and other items of clothing) but also includes body jewelry. Access of these products can be via the online shopping cart or the physical vendor that is nearest to you. The article however is not tailored for the shopper but rather the job seeker – specifically it is a guideline on how you can go about getting a job at Hot Topic. Here goes a step by step guideline on how to search for jobs at Hot Topic.

A step by step guideline on how to search for jobs at Hot Topic

  • First click the job application link on the main web page – to get onto the main page clink on the link provided: Hot Topic;
  • You will be directed to a sub page from where you will need to decide whether to pursue your job search via the manual option or via the automatic option;
  • The manual option is where you key in the key words of the job you are looking for; the auto option however is where you select your region and area of specialization on the mapping panel provided;
  • Whatever option captures your fancy, pursue it; you could also choose to save your details in the firm’s data bank. This option is offered via you clicking on the automated job search agent. The automated agent will require that you furnish your e-mail account to Hot Topic, and from then the vendor will periodically deposit updates into your email account on jobs that might match your talents. The specific link that will usher you to the job portal is given here: Hot Topic Community.

Hot Topic offers you opportunities to grow in whatever career line you elect to pursue. The entity does not believe in automatons just doing their job, but would like to partner with employees who are passionate of the industry that they are in – if you are a lover of pop culture then you will definitely fit into the entity’s work environment. If you are looking for camaraderie, a chance to grow a career, and perhaps even to work in an industry you enjoy, and then search for jobs at Hot Topic, we promise to invest in you as you invest in us. Log on to that link, it could be you port of entry to Hot Topic.

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