Sephora Week Special Offers

Discount and cosmetics are words that will immediately elicit excitement. Discounts and cosmetics are the subject matter of this article – specifically a rough guide of sorts on what exact discounts are available at Sephora.

A guide on Sephora special offers (weekly) always elicits excitement. In this current week, the list of items on offer read something as follows: Log onto to get the exciting offers.

Sephora Weekly Offer Guide 101

  • Fragrance Deals:  The purchase of a new fragrance from Sephora will ensure that your shopping basket is gifted with a free scent from Sephora. This is an offer that extends to online shoppers only.
  • The Big Beauty Sale: This is an offer that can be seen as a clearance sale of sorts.  The offer is opened to both online shoppers as well as in stores. The products that are on offer during this major sale include the following:  skincare products, fragrance, gifts, and tools. On this sale platform you can expect to receive remarkable markdowns from some of the top brands.
  • Luxury Mini Bag Make Up Palette: This palette is ideal for the lady that is constantly on the go. This limited edition bag has the entire spectrum of colors that you need to get just the right shade. There is no coupon code needed to redeem this bag, and in the same vein this is an offer that is open to online shoppers only. The magic number in this case is 50, specifically $50 for you to own this palette.
  • Free Bumble Styling Card And A Free Sample Of Bumble Styling Cream: The online shopper has the advantage of getting a free Bumble styling card that grants them access to select salons where they can get their hair styled, blow dried, and done. You also stand the chance to get a Bumble grooming crème with every purchase worth $25 that you make.
  • Hair Primer: For the online shopper, any purchase above $25 gifts you with a free living proof prime style extender. This hair primer extends the style of your hair for a significant duration of time and is definitely a fitting entrée to future acquisitions that you are bound to make of the brand.
  • Firming Serum: This is the last item that is available on discount on the weekly window. This serum masks wrinkles on your skin and is available to the online shopper. It is availed to those who spend in excess of $25.

These are the products on offer from Sephora; shipping of the products takes under three working days for purchases that are in excess of $50. For cosmetic products, gifts, fragrances, and even tools, Sephora is the vendor that you need to talk to.


When you log onto Sephora you basically stand to purchase leading designer cosmetic products and fragrances at drastically lowered prices. Take the leap of faith and enter the online portal, there is a whole new vistas that awaits you therein, all the best as you take advantage of your weekly offer.

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