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In the wake of online shopping, there are hundreds of online retailers. The largest online retailer today is Amazon. In 2006 Amazon acquired shopbop, an online shopping website.  Shopbob specializes in present-day luxurious women clothing. Shopbop was established in 2000, and its primary focus was on unique designer denim. Some of the labels offered by shopbop include marc Jacob’s Marc label, Elliot/Current, Alexander Wang,  Harve Leger, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth and James, Giuseppe Zanotti as well as Rag & Bone.

About is an international e-commerce website based in America. It has its headquarters in Seattle, United States. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon also has consumer electronics such as the Amazon kindle reader for e-books as well as the kindle fire tablet. Amazon is also one of the leading cloud computing service providers.

Amazon offers separate websites for Canada, USA, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, china and Japan. Amazon also offers international shipping services for some of its products to some countries. Amazon is expected to launch websites in Brazil, Poland, Sweden and Netherlands.

Amazon was incorporated in 1994 as cadabra. In 1995, the site went online. Later on, the founder, Jeff Bezos renamed it after the great river Amazon. Initially, started as an online bookstore and later diversified to sell DVDs, mp3 downloads cds, electronics, software, video games, furniture, apparels, jewelry, toys and even foods.

Shopbop Get A New Look

Since shopbop came into existence it has a basic look. Despite that it caries luxurious brands, the site’s look did not quite match its products. Only recently has shopbop acquired a new design to polish its image as a leading online luxury clothes retailer. This new design is expected to bring the store to the level of its rival online retailers like net-a-porter.

Giving shopbop this fresh look was not an easy task. This was mainly hard because the site carries over ten thousand designs and the clients have become accustomed to the site as it was. This meant that the changes made had to be done is a way that did not change the shopping experienced most clients were used to. According to shopbop’s manager, Jeff Yurcisin it took the combined effort of technology geeks and fashion experts to make the redesigning a success.

It Is A New Experience For Shopbop Clients

A research showed that the average shopper is always interested in getting direct to the product so the new look shopbop comprises of large images & videos that are automatically played after the buyer clicks on any product. The clients also enjoy trends and recommendations from the website’s fashion director, Treena Lombardo. It is said that shopbop has finally acquired the right to brag as a luxurious online retailer.


With its new look, shopbop has definitely leveled with its luxury competitor retail websites. So far, Amazon, has done a great job with the store since they acquired it in 2006. Shopbop is the place to go when in need of luxury designer clothing. 

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