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E-paper is a digital copy of our print merchandise and it includes photographs and adverts as it shows on the news sent to you on email each morning. It has enhanced steering features that enable looking up updates by keyword, section, column and content. Hotlinks to URL addresses are provided.

To subscribe go to You will be required to fill out the registration form and come up with a password and a user name. You will also be required to give any other information required and thereafter get immediate access to the E-paper.

The email you will be receiving every morning will be having a link to the recent edition and you can simply download the file direct from that website or click on it and browse. It also includes every advert and article that is in the Sun-Times newspaper for Chicago.

The daily E-paper notification email is delivered to you every morning before 7.00am. If you want to stop receiving the notification e-mail on a daily basis, log on to your account. Below the Account Centre menu options, click on the Daily Notification checkbox and unmark. When done, you may click on Change Opt-In selection key for confirmation.

The E-paper is available in the form of hard copy for $6.99 per month, or $77.87 for 1 year. When you subscribe to the E-paper, you will get it on daily basis.  You also have a privilege to review the past one week’s editions of the E-paper newspaper.

In every edition of the E-paper newspaper, you will find many pages which are outlined below:

  1. Home. It is the foremost page that gives the news headlines
  2. News. These are the emerging issues that have hit the headlines every day
  3. Business. This page gives details and updates of all commercial activities
  4. Opinions. This page discusses the readers’ views and offers answers to their queries
  5. Lifestyle. This page offers advice to the readers concerning the trends including dietary issues, diseases and fashion
  6. Columnist. This page gives the latest in politics and political related issues
  7. Entertainment. This page is all about the entertainment industry, new hits, updates and celebrity gossip. It also has sections for kids’ leisure time
  8. Travel. It outlines new destinations for business and leisure activities
  9. Ebert
  10. Classifieds. These are news round ups
  11. Sweet. This page gives advice and offers answers to queries related to relationship and family issues
  12. Obits
  13. Sneed

Job related issues are also outlined in all editions. Employment opportunities are published too. Adverts are also printed almost in every page for readers to be well informed on new products in the market. All the pages are colorful so as to attract the readers’ attention and important headlights and links are well highlighted.

If you have any problems while registering or have any other queries about E-paper you can drop an email at [email protected] on the website or contact customer care through 1-888-84-TIMES (1-888-848-4637).

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