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In days past, an AOL email account was something of a rarity. An AOL email account was seen as a social statement of sorts – statement in the sense that when the email was something of a rarity, anyone who paid for an email account in a setting when so many start ups were basically offering the service for free was a rarity of sorts. There are many reasons as to why AOL email account holders did exist back in the day; some of these can best be explained by the brand itself.

AOL, which is an acronym for American Online Limited, is a subsidiary of one of largest conglomerates in the world – Time Warner Ltd. AOL in many respects is the telecommunications arm of this subsidiary, and with the run way success of some of the brands stables – icons such as the Cable News Network       (CNN), and Time Magazine, it is little wonder that anything associated with the brand would be given a favorable nod even before the public tested it. In the 90’s and for a better part of the last decade AOL had an email service whose annual membership was based on annual subscription. This model of business has however been revised and currently AOL offers a free email service to clients.

Signing up for AOL Mail services

  • Signing up for AOL mail services is quiet simple, you basically need to proceed in the following manner:
  • Foremost, ensure that you key into any search engine the appropriate web link to get you to the AOL web page, the link in question is AOL Sign In;
  • The link ushers you into the web page of the email service – you have the option of signing up or signing in, click on the sign up button since you are not a member
  • You will be ushered into a page where you are required to furnish details such as your name, an appropriate password, a set of security questions that protect against breeches to your account, an alternative email account for future correspondence and so on.
  • Once you clear with that set of questions, you will basically need to click on the sign   up button, and voila in that instant you have an email account with AOL. It is important to note that signing up has legal ramifications that are limited to your acceptance to the terms and conditions of the email service provider.

An AOL email account comes with certain advantages: For one you basically have software tools that deal decisively against spam mail, similarly you have a storage capacity that is expansive, you have free access to online chatting, plus video conferencing facilities. Lastly, you can be sure that with the layering of software security and the free antivirus that is offered your email account will be the last place where malicious malware and hackers want to hang around. Think about the facts presented herein, and sign in to a brand that has all the respect from the industry’s best players.

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