Sign Up For Pandora One To Remove Ads

There is no better way to listen to ad free personalized radio than with Pandora. This service is free and you get to enjoy music that you love from your pc. At Pandora, you will get the latest music or even the golden oldies songs. Pandora comes with a dedicated desktop app; this way, there is no need to keep open a browser window. There are multiple benefits a listener gets from using Pandora. One of the benefits is the fact that by signing up for Pandora, you get advert free streaming music.

 About Pandora Radio  

Pandora radio (internet) is run by Pandora media inc. It is commonly referred to as Pandora or Pandora internet radio. Pandora is a music recommendation automation service and is also the custodian of music genome project. This service is currently available only in the United States in full. People in New Zealand and Australia enjoy limited access to Pandora.

How Pandora Works

Pandora plays a selection of music that is similar to a song or songs suggestions previously entered by the listener. As the user, you have the chance to give feedback for the songs selected by the service. This feedback is highly considered during the next selection. As one listens to the Pandora media player, the listener is given a chance to purchase the song or even album from varying online sellers.

Pandora sifts through over four hundred varying musical attributes when choosing the next song. These four hundred attributes are then put together to create focus traits. Currently, there are a maximum of two thousand focus traits. Some examples of focus traits include key tonality, rhythm syncopation, displayed instrument proficiency and vocal harmonies.

How To Sign Up For Pandora One

As a Pandora one client, you will get to enjoy no ads, quality audio play and minimum interruptions. If you have a Pandora account, it is possible to upgrade to Pandora one. You have the chance to try out the services for 24hours before you purchase the service. Once you sign up, you have the chance to download as well as install the Pandora version that will run on your computer. One can also get a stand alone Pandora one version which is a desktop app.

On the Pandora one web page click on ‘start now’ to open a dialogue window for sign in. Enter your information in the sign in information boxes if you have a pre-existing Pandora account. For new clients, they first have to create an account by clicking on ‘register’. Once registered, you will be taken back to the first page.

  • Get Started

Click on the 24 hours free trial button to navigate to the welcome page. Here, you get the benefits of using Pandora one. Go through the information and go to web page for Pandora one desktop.

  • Install

Click on the install button. A wizard will launch and it will act as your guide trough installation. Promptly follow the steps it install the app. Once installation is complete, a window opens to Pandora once sign in.

  • Log In

In this window, you are required to log in and click on the sign in button. Once this is done, you can now start using Pandora one desktop.


After the 24hour try, you can upgrade your account by purchasing a subscription to Pandora one. This can be done by clicking on upgrade now on Pandora one webpage.   

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