Sign Up Pampered Chef To Host A Cooking Party

There are only a few things that are more fun than a cooking party. A cooking show is an easy, affordable and fun way to spend time with family and friends. As the host of the cooking party, you get the chance to share easy to accomplish recipes your friends and family will find impressive and delicious too. Most of these recipes are always ready in half an hour at most, and you get to feed your family and guests for not more than $2 per plate. What’s more, you get to enjoy the personalized service you get from a pampered chef consultant.

About The Pampered Chef

The pampered chef was started in 1980 by Doris Christopher at the basement of her home. The company is a global seller of quality kitchen equipments as well as a part of the Berkshire Hathaway. The pampered chef also provides cookbooks and food products that offer guidance for food preparation at home. This company boasts of direct line sales of their products and has employed over 60,000 sales agents and a corporate staff of not less than 750 people.

During the pampered chef’s in home cooking parties, the guests enjoy and sample products, learn of easy and quick techniques for preparing food, guests have the chance to prepare and even sample pampered chef recipes and they also get tips on offering guests entertainments with ease and style. The pampered chef is the ultimate gateway to transforming your everyday into nothing short of extraordinary.

The pampered chef company is geared towards creating all purpose kitchen equipments, offering expert tips on cooking and coming up with easy recipes that boost shared mealtimes to suit even the busiest individuals. Pampered chef’s product line comprises of over 300 products and services. They range from cookware to entertaining, cookbooks to cutlery, and pantry products to stoneware. Undoubtedly, the pampered chef has the simplest and most affordable ways of getting meals on the table.

How You Can Benefit From The Pampered Chef

The main reason for anyone to join pampered chef, apart from the free cooking lessons, you can also make money from this company. You can choose to start a business where you will be selling kitchen supplies that you get directly from the pampered chef, at wholesale price. Joining pampered chef only costs a small start up fees and submitting a franchise agreement.

How To Sign Up For Pampered Chef

You will require a recruiter’s name, a calendar, a credit card or debit card and the consultant number of your recruiter.

  • Visit the pampered chef website at
  • Click on the ‘come join us’ tab.
  • Fill in the field provided with the required information and submit.
  • You will require asking for assistance from your consultant as you require their consultant number to sign in.
  • Fill the consultant agreement for pampered chef. You will be required to give your information that includes your social security number.
  • Use your credit card or debt card to pay for the starter kit. The main kit costs round $115 which includes shipping and tax. You can purchase the mini kit at $80 inclusive of shipping and tax.
  • The other way to get the starter kit at a reduced rate is by hosting your cooking show. You also enjoy great leads by doing so.
  • Once you are signed up, you can book your starting 4 selling appointments. These are enough for you to earn your joining fee plus interest. Once you receive your starter kit, you can host your cooking show and have fun with family or friends.

There is no better way to enjoy meals and still make money than with the pampered chef.

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