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When corporate history is finally penned, you can be sure of one thing, Verizon wireless will not be a mere footnote that you can take to the bank. Verizon wireless is considered as one of the big five telecommunication companies in North America and for good reason they are the forerunners of wireless technology.

Technology is what this article is all about, and on matters regarding technology, the article will focus its scope on the wireless online workshops that are offered by Verizon. The workshops are offered absolutely free to both technicians and consumers of Verizon products. The workshops that are offered online, in store, or even in form of a Q & A session with the technical experts unveil new features as well as application on all Verizon products. The question that perhaps the discerning reader is asking at this moment is this – Just how do I Sign up for a Verizon Wireless online workshop? The politics of signing up is explained below.

Signing Up For A Verizon Online Workshop

  • Foremost, you will need to go to the relevant web page, the web link that leads to this road is given herein: Verizon online workshop;
  • The portal that you get into has three options for workshops that are offered: Online workshop, In house workshops, and an online Q & A session, you want to go the online route so ensure that your eyes do not wander from the extreme left of the page – the online workshop part;
  • Third, you will need to click on the select a topic command bar – clicking this directional button brings forth all subjects that are covered in the online workshop. Highlight the online article that you have in mind;
  • Lastly, you will need to press the command button that is tagged view workshop. This means that if you for instance highlight the option of 4G network, then click on the option of command, the online workshop on 4G will be available to you.

These workshops take place in either real time or are archived. The idea however is to ensure that the user of any application that is from Verizon has more than a cursory understanding on matters concerning applications as well as features. This is the reality that the experts at this online portal would like you to appreciate.

Verizon wireless fully buys into the philosophy of empowering users, the entity after took a plunge when it came to investing in the wireless world at a time when this was considered risky. Founded in the year 2000, the firm is manned by some 85,000 people and has its headquarters in Ney Jersey. The firm has 2,300 locations that are spread out over continental USA and the firm is basically in the business of connecting home phones, providing broad band to homes, and offering pre paid services for internet connectivity. If you have any query about any of the firms services, or want to quench your thirst on how different apps work then log onto the online workshops.

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