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If you are one of those who love cooking, then the free kitchen insider is good news for you. You can sign up to get it free and it’s simple. All you need is following this link . At the top of the page, you will find log in/ sign up. Since, you are not a member yet; you need to click on sign up. An information box will appear whereby you will be required to fill in the spaces provided. You need to provide your age, area code and so on. After this step, you will need to enter your email. Finally, just like other subscriptions, you need a password and you be come a member.

When you are a member of betty crocker, you can have access to very many useful details on everything to do the kitchen. Some of the things you have access to include;


  1. Main ingredients. Her major ingredients include cheeses, dairy and yogurts, chicken, beef, apples, Betty Crocker mixes
  2. Occasion. These recipes can be prepared during brunch, birthdays, cookie exchanges, Christmas, back to school, spring celebrations and so forth
  3. Meal type. The types of meals include breads, appetizers, desserts, drinks, dinners, breakfast and brunch and others.
  4. Health and diet. They include high fiber, low sodium, low calorie, gluten free, diabetes cookbook recipes, and healthy heart cookbooks among others.
  5. Dishes. They include bread and rolls, cupcake recipes, casseroles and pot pies, cake recipes, biscuits and shortcakes, chili recipes and many more.


  1. Daily meals. Under this category you get to learn about slow cookers, lunch, cooking with kids, meals that save money, easy dinner, appetizers and snacks among others.
  2. Seasonal ideas. These are ideas for the four major seasons which are spring, summer and winter.
  3. Holidays. These are recipes for holidays, for example, Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s, Mandi gras, thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or any other day.
  4. Special occasions. This includes game days, pot lucks, favorite parties, birthdays etc.

How to-store

  1. Storage and technique preparation. These activities include entertaining, roasting, baking, grilling and boiling, rubs, marinades and brining and many more.
  2. Ingredient type. There are many types of ingredients including chicken and turkey, fish and sea food, dairy and eggs, beans and legumes, beef and pork and so on.
  3. Courses and dishes tips. These include desserts, drinks, breads, appetizers, snacks, main dish, breakfast and brunch among others.
  4. Baking with kids. This section has lessons for kids which include bring the heat, come equipped;
  5. Glossary. This section has the techniques, equipments and ingredients to be used in the kitchen.


  1. Recipes. This category has videos for grilling, kitchen counter, grill skills, comfort food recipe, 30-minute recipe and how we make it healthy.
  2. Desserts and specialty cakes. This category contains videos of cup cakes, desserts, birthday cakes and celebration cakes.
  3. Community. This section has photo galleries, message boards and planning tools. Planning tools include questions about cup cakes, holiday drinks, lunch, Betty all and how to find your perfect thanksgiving.


This category displays all the new food products. This is also where you get coupons.

You will be able to receive all the above information from Betty Crocker cooking recipes. There are dozens of more on what to expect, the above was just to mention a few. For any queries or comments feel free to post on the facebook page or twitter.

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