Subway Sub Prize Party, Giving You $5 Gift Card Offer

To make the birthday of any one many of the companies have been working and they make their birthday very special they ever had. They have marvelous designs for the parties and many of the awesome gifts for the birthday guy. At the recent times, sub prize party is introduced by the subway for its customers. The party is only for the special occasion like birthday and it is the only day in someone’s life which is special and they try to make it beautiful as much as they can. This day they give a lot of gifts for their customers and there are many cash prizes for them. If someone wants to get these prizes then they have to pass through a little work. Now you can join this party online and it is the easiest way to be a member at their website.

Online process is quite easy, convenient and simple to handle as well as understand. You need to follow the given guide and nothing is so complicated in it.


  • You need to type the following URL in your address tab .
  • Find the option sub prize party on the home page and when you get it click on it.
  • You have to type the number you got at the last visit.
  • After typing the number click on “next” button.
  • A form is given so you could fill out your information in it.
  • The information you provide should be done with a lot of care. You have to enter your name and then all other information.
  • After you have completed your personal detail section you have to give all your contact information so there is no problem in contacting you.
  • Mention your permanent address so your prize could be delivered to you on time.


A lot of prizes can be won by you by being a member of this company. It is clear form its name that surprises is given in it. You need to follow the above given guide and enjoy the gifts.

About Company:

Not only in United States, has sandwiched chain working throughout the world. It was created in 1965 as a small business but gradually it grew and in 1974.

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