Subscribes Cooking Light Magazine for One Year

Cooking light is a magazine that contains recipes for those who would like to enjoy healthy and delicious meals. It contains recipes for all types of meals whether light or heavy. It is of great help when you are in a hurry or even on special occasions. It also offers healthy lifestyle tips in each issue. Below is a procedure on how one subscribes cooking light magazine for 1 year.

  1. Go to
  2. On the search bar type in Cooking light magazine.
  3. Then click on Cooking light (1-year auto-renewal).
  4. 4.      You will see this, “The first print should arrive in 6-10 weeks.” Click on Details.
  5. 5.      On the information bar that appears, go to when to expect your first issue then click on Magazine subscription manager.
  6. 6.      Finally, Amazon will display a bar where you are required to sign in.

With all that done, you will have successfully subscribed for the Cooking light magazine.

Below is what to expect in each issue:

  • Recipe index; It is right after the Table of Contents and includes recipe listings by kind, including tags for Easy and Quick and Child-friendly and also Favorite staff’s recipe.
  • Superfast features 20-minute meals that are fresh, easy and simple to cook.
  •  Editors’ Dozen is a periodically oriented assortment of 13 healthy and fun food, fitness, and everyday life foodstuffs, reports and items.
  • Ask our dietician answers to readers queries regarding their diet issues.
  • The Stress-free zone provides guidelines for handling daily stressful situations.
  • Travel explores the flavors of the best destinations. It includes recommendations and recipes that epitomize the area’s cuisine.
  • Kitchen is a roundup of useful tools, including gadgets, utensils, and additional favorites.
  • Wine matches favorite meals with suitable wines.
  • Moves of the month reflect on effective, easy workouts, down with nutrition tips.
  • Nutrition Made Easy features healthy eating guidelines with recipes devoted to a particular agenda
  • New use for Every Day Ingredients gives details for three familiar pantry ingredients and provides fascinating and lesser uses for them.
  • Taste Test examines food products and recommends those that offer great value, nutrition and best quality.
  • Beauty offers ways to look younger and enhance your look and well-being.
  • Menu Navigator examines popular eatery foods and helps you make the healthiest decisions.
  • Kitchen how-to shows fast cooking methods.
  • Budget cooking gives recipes for children.
  • Dinner Tonight offers severally tested fast meals with tips and ways of simplifying life.
  • Recipe makeover simplifies a classic recipe and maintains its taste.
  • A reader recipe features the favorite recipe for the readers..
  • Cooking Class shows orderly steps for making well-liked comfort meals and gives ways to build on the basics for more variations.
  • Everyday Vegetarian offers vegetarian fare to suit in all seasons.
  • Feature articles
  • Recipe Hall of Fame

Cooking light magazine has dozens of nutritious recipes in every issue. If you want to have a better and healthy life, it would be advisable to subscribe for the light magazine. Some subscriptions are charged but others are free. Well, for free subscription you can click on Cooking Light Magazine.


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