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About Company

The Chain of Department stores Century 21 in America is headquartered in New York City since 1961. The major product categories it deals in are: house ware, home furnishing and home décor; Clothing and footwear; and personal care, and grooming products.

Century 21 has five stores in New York, two in New Jersey and one in Long Island. After the tragic 9/11 crash the reopening of the Century 21’s largest store-opposite World Trade Center, was greeted with overwhelming response from New Yorkers In summer 2002.

About Store Survey

The survey of Century 21 store is very simple and easy. All questionnaire are aimed to gain customer’s feedback on experience of buying at the store by rating it services as either poor, good, exceptional, or simple yes or no responses.

How to take Part in Century 21 Departmental Store Survey


Anyone with a valid email address can take part in the customer satisfaction survey of Century 21 departmental store, provided they have a web enabled device with internet access. A purchase receipt is not necessary.

Step By Step Guide

The each page of survey questionnaire has three buttons to navigate. Customer can choose: “Continue” to move forward, “Back” to go back to previous screen and “Cancel” to change the response to previously answered questions or to cancel the whole survey and start afresh.

  1. Login to the website of 21stores
  2. Enter the Purchase Receipt in the input tab and Press the Red Button that says “Enter the survey” or If you do not have purchase receipt Click the “Don’t have the Receipt” button.
  3. Provide your valid email address. Please note that by providing email you will be added to the mailing list of the stores.
  4. Name, gender, birth date and zip code and hit Submit, Otherwise click the Skip button and move to next step.
  5. Provide input on whether the cashier was fast and friendly , Store layout and cleanliness
  6. Next rate Overall shopping experience as Poor, Good or exceptional
  7. Indicate if you are a regular customer and the likelihood of your next visit.
  8. Choose reason of your intention not to visit the store in less than six months.
  9. Provide any additional comments or ideas for improving the store’s services.

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