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About Saphora

French based beauty and personal care products brand Saphora is owned by the Louie Vuitton and Moet Hennessy [LVMH] group since 1997. Saphora; that currently runs stores in more than a hundred countries of the world, made its American debuted at New york, USA in 1998. The unusual name of the private label brand is a synthesis of the word Sephos-Greek for beauty and the name Ziphorra-Wife of Prophet Moses.

Saphora USA Survey

SAPHORA customer satisfaction Survey is a questionnaire that solicits customer’s response on the SAPHORA USA products. The SAPHORA USA survey is administered by the Medallia group, known globally for its customer feedback and customer response management software.


Each participant in SAPHORA USA survey can choose to enter the weekly drawings of SAPHORA USA sweepstakes by providing personally identifiable information on the end of the survey and win a Saphora gift card.

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. All residents and citizens of legal age (above eighteen) form all states of USA other than Puerto Rico citizens.
  2. Puerto Rico citizens above 21 years of age.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to the site http://survey.medallia.com/sephora/usa the page will automatically redirect to the web address http://survey.medallia.com/sephora/usa?feedless-sephorausa-aaf6708f3af1d7854cb62d3dd0fce552
  2. From pull down menu at top right corner of this page choose input language- English or American Spanish.
  3. Select Date of the recent visit to Saphora store and also indicate time frame from among the four time frames given.
  4. On the next screen select state and USA store OR Click on the hyperlink that redirects to list of Canadian stores.
  5. On the next three screens provide feedback on the Sales Associate’s, responsiveness, attentiveness and recommending capabilities.
  6. Indicate whether you received an application of the beauty product and where did you receive it. Also rate your overall experience and likelihood of repeat buying.
  7. Indicate your Premium tier or other membership of Saphora Beauty Insider Program (BI) and express your level of satisfaction with BI if you are a member.
  8. Indicate your willingness to enter sweepstake and provide your first name, last name, city name, zip code and daylight phone number.

Sweepstake Rules

Sweepstakes is subject to Medallia’s official rules. For official copy of rule check the following link / url.


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