The Twilight Saga

This is an awesome series of four books by Stephenie Meyer. The general story line goes something like this:

Bella Swan a teenage girl moves to a small ancient town, Forks in Washington. She falls in love with a 104 year old vampire, Edward Cullen. The drama starts when a ware wolf, Jacob Black, is in love with Bella too. The most interesting part is the fact that Bella is a mortal and Edward is a vampire.

That is where the story starts and you would not believe the drama that follows. The characters that have totally different personalities as well as different point of view make this series totally engaging.

There are four main books to the series.

Most of the time, the persona of Bella tells the story. The epilogue of Eclipse and the second part of Breaking Dawn are told from Jacob Blacks’, the ware wolf, point of view.  There is also a fifth book that is not published yet called the Midnight Sun told from, main character, Edward Cullen’s perspective. That should be interesting- I bet you want to know what was going through his head too.

The series is just amazing to say the least. It sold over 116 million copies by 2010 and has won numerous awards. If you haven’t read it yet, you should get yourself a copy.


Isabella Swan (Bella) moves to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. She enrolls into the local high school where she soon finds out that she has some kind of mystical attraction to the dark attractive Edward Cullen. Edward is part of a family that the town does not really associate with. His sisters and brothers are just as mysterious as he is and the whole school keeps away from them. Bella soon finds out that Edward and his family are a coven of vampires who drink animal blood rather than human blood. A human feeder, James, from a different coven is drawn to hunt Bella down. Edward and his won’t let anyone hurt Bella.

New Moon

The second book in the series begins when the Cullens leave Forks. Bella, being insanely in love with Edward, falls into depression. What keeps her going is her friendship with Jacob Black, a shape shift ware wolf.

Meanwhile, Victoria, James’ mate, is seeking revenge for the death of James. So she comes looking for the blood of Bella. The Cullens are not around so the ware wolves are left to protect Bella.


The Cullens are back. Bella is forced to choose between her ‘friendship’ with Jacob and her love for Edward, but this does not mean she is out of danger.

Victoria is hungry for revenge and creates an army of new blood vampires to get Bella and the Cullens. The Cullens and the ware wolves join forces to defeat Victoria.

So, who did Bella choose? Edward of course! The books conclude.

Breaking Dawn

Bella and Edward get married in this book. Not long before she finds out that she is pregnant when they are on their honey moon. That was not supposed to happen and she nearly dies giving birth to Edward’s child. The child brings up a lot of controversial issues in the vampire world.

You can check out The Twilight Saga: or Best Sellers – The New York Times for more information.

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