Access The Bay To Approach HBC Credit Account

Access The Bay To Approach HBC Credit Account

When it is about shopping at any Hudson Bay’s subsidiary or outlet then it means that you have a taste of standard. Now to compliment your style and taste the company has started the promotional offer of credit card through which you can not only collect points but you can also redeem them for different prizes.

Your prize and points depend on the amount or credit of the reward card which you spent in the shop while doing your Hudson Bay exclusive shopping. Its all about appreciating your choice of fashion and a greeting to thank you for shopping from Hudson Bay’s outlet.

How To Access?

  • The Hudson Bay Company has required the registration for the H Credit card so that the users can get ultimate benefits form the services given by the company. You can get the proper card registration by going on the online web site of the company and apply for the more credit. You can visit this link for the reference.
  • Scroll down the page and see the all services present on this webpage and click on the “HBC Credit” under the heading “Hudson’s Bay”
  • At this page, you can see the characteristics about the card and its benefits. Also you can see the process of activation of your card at the page.
  • For getting the service of getting more credit, go to the option on the page given with the title of “Log in to Hudson Bay Credit Account”. After clicking to this option, you will be given the log in field for your account.
  • Give the user name and password if you have other wise go for the registration option given below. In the registration, you will be required to enter your credit card number in the correct format so that you will be recognized as the user of the company.
  • After entering the credit card number click on the button, “Submit”.


Now you can shop plus also win amazing prizes like cash or a stay in the hotel at the same time. Shopping was never this much fun before.

About Company

Hudson Bay is one of the most successful corporations of North America. It is considered as the oldest commercial company of the world and as well as of the North America. It was founded in the year of 1670 on the month of May. The headquarters are present at the Simpsons Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Nowadays they have the ownership of the Home Outfitters, Zeller and Home & Taylor. They are running these branches successfully and have even planned to expand the chains even further. Their top most priority is the maintaining of their quality.

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