Tire Rack Return Policy Guide

If you have purchased a set of wheels from Tire Rack and notice that the product is in some ways voided on account of handling during the course of shipping, you qualify for a return cum refund policy from Tire Rack.

In many industries issues revolving around return policies are normally contentious, that is fact. However Tire Rack will in no way wrestle with clients on the above matter, nay. We value business relationships that we establish with clients and for this purpose the entity (Tire Rack) has been able to expand our market share exponentially in the tire supply market in the course of the last decade. Apart from supplying tires Tire Rack also fit tires, and offer tire maintenance services. The rules that govern our return policies are listed below.

A Guide To Return Policy On Tire Rack

Tires – If you have issues with your tires, the rules of engagement are given below:

  • The first call should be made to the customer care personnel;
  • Ensure that the original strapping is completely intact; if not ship the tires individually – don’t tape sets of tires together, that will void your warranty;
  • Ensure that each tire being shipped is labeled with your return address – each is the operative word here; similarly ensure that the packing slip and the return authorization number should be securely taped on the tire.

WheelsAlso known as rims, the rules that govern voided wheels are as follows:

  • To return wheels, you need to call the customer care department of Tire Rack. The entity will offer you with a return authorization number;
  • Tire Rack will send asset of packaging instructions to the client. The gist of the packaging instructions include the following: Bolts and nuts should be packed separately from the wheel; you need to place the foam sheet over the face of the wheel to prevent it from cardboard chafing –other things that you need to do to prevent the chaffing of the wheel include removing staples from the storage box, and ensure that the box has undamaged flaps; lastly insure the package with your shipper.

In all this is important to remember that you need to return the product with the Styrofoam that it came with – this ensures that the product is protected from chaffing during shipping.

Tire Rack values your views as a client and consequently would be interested in knowing the reason that occasioned you find fault with our particular product.


There is a concept that every consumer understands intuitively – it is referred to as utility. Utility refers to the satisfaction that a consumer is bound to get when they purchase a product. Manufacturers understand this concept perfectly but few will deliver when the customer complains of dissatisfaction. Tire Rack is a different Kettle of fish altogether we deliver when it counts. If you have a problem with our tire supply section you need to redeem your warranty, try out our guide to return policy on tire track. For contacts on how to contact the customer care section with a view of redeeming the warranty, log on the following link: Tire Rack.

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