Toms Eyewear Online Purchase Guide

There are many chapters in the enterprise; that is Toms. Probably the first one on one company (shoes being the stock in trade in this novel concept) in history; and quiet recently – recently being the previous year- bifocals being part of the business of Tom. The idea behind this one on one enterprise traces its genesis back to the year 2006. The philosophy of this entity is explained below.

A one on one enterprise basically works on the model that with every purchase that clients make from this brand, a similar product is donated to a needy person in the society. In the case of Toms, the product that was initially donated was shoes. Last year the product portfolio of this enterprise was expanded to include eye wear. It has been in operation for the last six years and the countries where the nation’s poor are given the products are the following: South Africa, Ethiopia, Argentina, and the United States. Apart from ensuring that people have protection on their feet, the other guiding philosophy for dressing the feet of people is to ensure that the foot deformation disease (podoconiosis), a condition that develops as a result of the foot being exposed to silica rich soil-is arrested in its tracks(sic) .

Guidelines On Toms Eyewear Purchase Guide

  • You need to go to the online platform:; from here you get a directory of the three brands of eye wear under the banner of Tom’s eye care.
  • The friendly interface allows you to put your product into the shopping cart and you basically facilitate your payment via e payment – all major credit cards are accepted;
  • Regarding shipping, returns, and exchanges you can basically communicate with Tom’s customer care personnel via three routes – the standard postal address, e-mail, and a live chat. The live chat is recommended.
  • One last thing, you can forward an address where you want your contribution to benefit member(s) of a particular household.
  • Tom’s shoes, characterized by colorful canvas, charted the way on the concept of one on one giving. In the previous year the company rolled out designer shaped sunglasses (3 models), and for every pair purchased prescription glasses as well as optical surgery will be given to individuals who are in need of such services.
  • The medical treatment will be administered by the entity’s partner in the project – Seva Foundation – a Northern California based nonprofit organization that has provided eye care solutions to people in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the globe.


The tag Tom’s shoes is a misnomer, misnomer in the sense that the entity has gone beyond shoes, and is now on an initiative to provide medical solutions for eye care. Tom is the name of the newly evolved enterprise. You can get the products from over 500 retail stores that are spread out nationwide and internationally. The buyer becomes a benefactor to an individual somewhere in the world who is chained to poverty on account of their disability. Give life; buy a pair of Tom’s eyeglasses.

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