Top 5 Wolfram Alpha Easter Eggs

Wolfram alpha has risen to become one of the most common search engines used to gain access to the facts and data of the world. Like with most search engines, wolfram alpha has its share of Easter eggs. For those lost, Easter eggs are intentionally hidden jokes or messages in computer programs. Usually, the search engine user has to perform a task (like search for particular information) to unlock the Easter eggs. Wolfram|Alpha has hundreds of Easter eggs. In this article, you will get to learn of the top 5 Easter eggs from wolfram alpha.

About wolfram alpha

Wolfram Alpha or wolframAlpha is a wolfram research developed answer engine. It is generally an online answer service that generates direct answers to factual questions by computing the results from data that has been structured. This is different from the normal provision of web pages or documents lists that have the answer by other search engines. This search engine is based on the mathematical computational platform that is written by Stephen wolfram, a British scientist. The wolfram alpha search engine was released in the 15th of May, 2009.

Top 5 wolfram alpha Easter eggs

  • Historical data

Wolfram allows the user to attach one year to multiple questions. For instance, you can learn on how market crashed in the past and compare to the recent economic scenario. All you have to do is type in the market you want to examine and the year of interest. The results will be nifty data that includes the highs, lows, average/mean of the market plus the graph for the closing price of the year in question. You can also check the historical weather for a certain location, check the date of an upcoming holiday or even compare value of currencies.

  • Poker hands and probabilities

As much as math is wolfram alpha’s base, this does not mean that non- math geeks cannot playa round with probability. You can find out your odds of winning at poker with your current hand. All you have to do is write down probability full house on the text field and search. The search engine will give back sample poker hands alongside your probability on a seven or five card hand.

  • Information on nutrition 

With wolfram alpha, you can look up information pertaining to nutrition. You can know the exact amount of fat in a guacamole. All you have to do is type in the number of guacamoles and search. What you get is a nutritional label similar to the one you would get in a product pack. Actually, you can even get nutritional information on your entire sandwich. Just enter the sandwich contents and search.

  • Get facts on colors

This is especially useful for geeks; all you have to do is type in a color hexadecimal code. What you get are the HSB and RGB conversions plus complementary color suggestions and names possibilities.

  • Wildcards and words

This is ideal for puzzle junkies. With wolfram alpha you can use ‘-‘to represent a wildcard. This means that you can enter us_________y and the search engine will generate relevant answers like ‘uselessly’ or ‘usability’.


It is true that a computational search engine is very different and much more useful than the conventional search engines.

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