Check The Status Of Your Federal Tax Return At Turbo Tax

The standing joke about taxes goes something like this; the only two constants in life are death and taxes. Yes, taxes are serious business, they have always been. The article will, however, focus on a scenario where you are waiting on the tax man as opposed to the reverse situation that is the norm.

Specifically the article is tailored for those individuals who might want to check on their tax refund status. There are a number of ways that one can go around this issue but the article will focus on checking the status of your federal tax return at TurboTax. This is an IRS online tool that allows you to check your tax refund, and tax compliance issues, how it works is expounded upon below.

How Turbotax Works

  • Wait- Step 1

This is the first step with regard to checking your tax refund status online. You will have to wait for approximately 3 days after e-filling your e- tax returns. You need 3 days on account of the fact that this is the period of time that it takes for your tax records to be updated. This is a definite improvement from the three weeks that you would be required to wait if you opted for the mail route.

  • Obtain A Copy Of Your Tax Return – Step 2

The second step that will be required is to basically obtain a copy of your tax refunds. The details contained herein are important on account of the fact that some of the information herein will be required in the third leg of this process. The information that the taxman requires from this process includes the following; your social security number, the filing status that you entered, and lastly the exact amount of your tax refund.

  • Where Is My Refund Link – Step 3

This is the last step in checking out your refund status. Once you have entered the requisite numbers you will need to only punch in the submit key, and instantaneously you will be provided with your refund status. In three easy steps you manage to check the status of your federal tax return at TurboTax.

This is by far the simplest way to learn about the status of your refund. The other way to go about the process is tapping into the mobile application called my Tax refund that is available on both iPhone and Android applications. This information on the refund week is updated weekly, plus the IRS offers a refund timetable that aides you in calculating when your refund will be available (in your account) based on the date that you placed your tax returns.

Remember matters taxation are complicated, you do well to seize the moment when you are owed some money by the state because once a given financial year slips by, it might not be easy to get what is owed to you. Exercise your right; get your money from this online portal: Turbo tax. On this link you can freely download the official IRS software that has tax refunds for different segments of tax payers – businesses, individuals, et al.

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