Approach United UAL Intranet Login System

Intranet is a restricted network system that is an effective tool for communication within the particular organization or company. This network can be achieved with the help of selective software that has to be firstly installed in the computer system. This technology is mostly used by the business organizations and different companies because their system is based on regular scheduling and pay roll account information. Within the organizations many employees are working and for the purpose of interconnection they used the intranet network system for sharing mails to communicate with internal employees and for the management of pay account. company by taking the advantage of this advanced technology service allows its employees and customers to be interconnected with each other. Basically this service is highly recommended for flight information. With the help of this service they can share information to one employee to another regarding to the flights.

How To Get Access?

  • Only the employees of this company can get access to this service by making their online account their official website. This Airline Company provide secured password to every employee to ensure the company with secured policy. In case if you the employee lose password he/she can get password by providing some personal information.
  • For the access of this service you have to visit the official website of the company that is “”.
  • On next page the home page will appear. On this page the log in option was given and only the registered users are able to access the account services. Because this intranet service is used within the company and already registered users can access to the service.
  • They can login by giving their secured “User Name” and particular “Password” in given boxes.
  • If you are a continental co-worker then you will provide your co-employee id and my coir password in given area.
  • And if you are united co-worker then give your FIA file number and Sky net password to access the service.


The employees when get their access to the intranet service with the help of their log in account then they can perform their job functions related to the company. This service updates their employees and co-workers with the changes that take place in the company. Moreover, this technology can back up and reconfigure the previous data without losing the current data.

About Company:

This is one of the leading airline companies with 86,852 employees and 703 air craft’s. This Air line is a major US airline. The Headquarter of this airline company is in Chicago.

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