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In times past, having a hotmail email account was viewed as something of a badge of honor. The reasons are rather obvious: Hotmail first hit the market in the year 1996 at a time when the email was something of a novelty. This email service provider was purchased in the second year of its existence by Microsoft Corporation and in subsequent years this brand has experienced many changes. In the latest change the Hotmail brand has been discarded and in comes a brand that is referred to as Outlook and it is on outlook that this article is anchored upon.

A newly rebranded Hotmail offers the following vistas: Foremost, all services move to Outlook.com: you might retain your hotmail account, but the long and short of the matter is that at the end of the day; it will be hosted on the Outlook .com account. Second, the display ads that run across the breadth of a Hotmail screen have been discarded, albeit partially. Microsoft will rely on the key word based ads that mirror the ads that are viewed on other free email services providers. The third item that takes a 180 degree turn with the transition from Hotmail to outlook is the interface that has sheen to it thanks to the blue themed design on the interface. Lastly, there is a new social media interactive feature that allows you to read all an individual’s recent chats – with their consent.

The above descriptions are a tip of the iceberg on what you could possibly expect when you make that transition. The gist of this article however is on how you do make that transition. That is a topic that is explained below.

  • Log in to Hotmail;
  • Once you are logged in go to your Hotmail inbox;
  • On the inbox window there is an active link on the Options button, click on it and follow this action by clicking on the Upgrade to Outlook.com;
  • A message then comes on your screen, requiring you to confirm your decision – click on the upgrade to outlook to proceed;
  • Your Hotmail.com will then be replaced by an Outlook.com interface and you are officially on board the outlook train.

To get the guide on how to go about this conversion log on to the hyperlink provided: How to upgrade from Hotmail to Outlook. The conversion process will typically take less than five minutes to come around, but once you are on board, you will appreciate the change instantaneously.


For the longest period of time Microsoft had been accused of neglecting Hotmail. How Hotmail managed to even be reckoned as one of the largest email providers in the world (there are 350 million registered users of Hotmail in the world) is a wonder. However, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and you can bet that with the social integration feature , less clutter on the interface, and that attractive blue sheen on board, it will only be a matter of time before the number of registered users swells. Watch this space.


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