Us Weekly Magazine Subscription: Save Up To 74% Off

Being a news junkie is all fine. However, unless you are addicted to pain, religiously following the daily news can be an incurrence of boredom. The predictability of politics, the pain of watching the economic news, and so forth, hopefully you get the picture. After a heavy meal of the news, you need some dessert, and dessert in matters cerebral comes in the entity of the US Weekly.

The US Weekly is arguably the foremost publication when it comes to detailing matters regarding entertainment news. You can now save up to 74% of the listed price of the US Weekly when you subscribe to this publication. For 26 issues, you will need to part with some $ 30; for the full issue, you will need to part with some $ 52.To subscribe for this offer proceed as directed below.

Guide on how to subscribe to the US Weekly

  • Foremost, you need to get a search engine that offers subscription offers to publications; the link of one search engine is given herein: US Weekly subscription;
  • On the main web page of such a portal is a navigation panel that has a list of subscriptions that are on offer, click on the magazine link;
  • When you click on the magazine link, you will get a raft of magazines  that you could potentially subscribe to, in your case the magazine that you need to click onto is the US weekly;
  • At this juncture, it is important to state that you need to have a count with the subscription portal, if you do not register for one;
  • Registration facilitates your online transaction which will include you making an online payment for your subscription.

There are typically two modules of online payment that you can make, for one you could elect to go the way of subscribing for 26 issues and this will typically cost you $ 30; the second tranche will see you subscribe for 52 issues, and this should typically cost you some $ 60. The listed prices mentioned here will see you make a saving of up to 74% off compared to the situation if you obtained this magazine from the rack.


The US Weekly has distinguished itself by being a periodical that gets it right on entertainment news stories. Unlike rags that will often besmirch the character of your favorite stars, you get to see positive reviews of entertainment stories. The regular offerings that you can get when you get the stories on this magazine include the following:

  • The Fashion police who call out celebrity whoppers
  • Hot picture pages that have celebrities at parties, or even doing ordinary stuff such as strolling along the beach;
  • Hollywood celebrity updates on who is hooking up with who, breakups, and the upheavals in the romantic lives of celebrities;

Review on what is new in the world of the arts – Film, music, fashion and so forth.

These are some of the issues that you will get laid out in the US Weekly Magazine. Don’t be addicted to the stressing news; get a view of the sunnier side of life when you subscribe to the US Weekly today.

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