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This online service offers its services but only to he authorized users. So if you are interested in using this system then you must first create an account. You easily create a personal account by giving out only some of the required personal and account details. The process for creating a new account is quick and simple. It is very easy and does not require more than just a few minute. Once you have created your account, you can get access to the amazing benefits and search for jobs without being charged. You can also get the latest job notifications via your email ID. For the ease you may follow these steps:

Step By Step Guide:

  • The first step is to go to your internet web browser and visit official website at usajobs.opm.gov .
  • On the home page click on the option entitled “Create an Account” on the top right of the page.
  • Now you are supposed to provide all the information that is required.
  • Choose “html” or “text”, your inbox message format.
  • Give out your email ID, the valid one.
  • Then enter a user name for you.
  • And then hit on the button entitle as “I Agree, Create My Account”.
  • Your account will be created, after the completion of the whole process and now you may look online for jobs.


  • You must have a computer and make sure that it works fine.
  • You must have access to safe and secure internet connectivity.
  • All the required information that you give out should be correct or valid.

About Company:

This is not a commercial but the official website of the government of United States. The website is managed by United States OPM (Office of Personnel Management). Its slogan is “Working for America” and as it indicates they are working for the people of United States. They offer a platform to the federal agencies and job seekers for the assistance of online job applications and recruitment. It helps you get all the information regarding latest jobs and find a job that best suits your interests, needs and criteria. They are striving hard for the ease and satisfaction of the people and to open the doors of quality opportunities to avail.

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