Use Linkedin To Search Your Job

Linkedin is an online platform that helps thousands have access to job opportunities and posted by potential employers looking for qualified candidates to employ. Here, you also get access to resources that are useful in your work. Generally, that is an overview of Linkedin. It is the ideal tool for identifying specific jobs as well as companies. At Linkedin, you get access to what you thought only existed in your imagination. Before you can start, you need to know how to use the website

How To Use Linked In

Ensure that you have a presentable and complete profile

This is imperative since it acts as a standing ground for you. Take your time and fill your profile with as much information as possible, but remain relevant. Also make sure that you have included your professional background. The other very important thing you need to have is a profile picture.

Have your summary

This is where you need to create an impression that goes beyond your history and credentials. Thus it’s advisable to have a career objective here. Tell your prospective employers of your big goals not forgetting to mention your experience on noticeable achievements you have had and keep it precise and brief

  • Courses-this might save you if it lands in the hands of a recruiter who wants specific skills.
  • Mention the clubs as well as organizations you’ve been part of and mention leadership positions if any.
  • List test scores only if it’s something you are proud of.
  • Remember those great? You should list those awards and honors including scholarships.
  • Mention your education levels such as minor or strong GPA.
  • For additional info, you could put down your websites as well as other profiles.
  • Most importantly, personal information. Add your contacts through which your employers can reach you.
  • Having a word press is crucial. Here, you let people know what your job entails.
  • In case you speak a variety of languages, note that down too.
  • If you’ve taken part in doing any charity work or extensive volunteering it’s great jotting that here.
  • You could also get the slideshare widget to come up with a welcome video to attract more potential employers. Check out Lewis Howe’s blog post.

Spice up your connections personally, to get recommendations

This is important and great idea too to get LinkedIn recommendations from folks you have worked with. One could also ask their current boss to recommend them. Here they get the chance to talk about your conduct and performance. Revisit your working history and request for recommendation, but only if you are in good terms with them.

Associate Yourself With Linked In Groups

This is an essential part of LinkedIn. Here, you get to join groups and network with others on the platform. It also shows how well you can co exist with people.

LinkedIn has gained popularity over the recent past as a network that helps people search and find jobs that suits their profiles thanks to the advancement of technology.

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