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If you are in the market for a reliable internet service provider, then this article is tailored for you. Kindly read on.

Imagine Internet access that comes with the following features:

  • Large e-mail storage: Specifically each e-mail comes with a storage capacity that is capped at 2GB. The advantages of this are self evident, it is safe to say that even if your receive e-mails that are packed with pictures, it will be nothing short of a miracle before your inbox is filled to capacity;
  • Second, you have the capacity to send large messages – this is on account of the e-mail service providers astounding upload speeds as well as the enormous 2GB mailbox. The vendor gives you that with these number(s) you have the capacity to send upwards of some 100 web sized pictures in a single message.
  • Third, you can access your Cox e-mail from anywhere around the world – provided you are connected to the internet.  In addition to this, you can access your e-mail if you have a remote connection (all you need is a standard modem and a toll free number that is provided to high speed internet subscribers).

These are the advantages that come with Cox High speed internet, to get there however you will need to first register for the service; the road to registration resembles something like this:

A Guide On How To Register For Cox High Speed Internet Webmail:

  • Foremost, you ought to visit the official site;
  • At the bottom of the window there is an active link that is tagged Order Cox High Speed Internet, click on to it ;
  • The window that pops up has a control menu where the user basically lists his/her area of residence, follow up instruction to complete setup.

About Cox High Speed Webmail:

The purpose of this (listing of an individual’s residence)is to facilitate the search engine to zero in on a Cox vendor that is nearest your location – apart from aiding you in tracking the vendor the search engine also does the task of laying down the services that are offered by a particular vendor. service comes in three packages –premium, preferred, and value. The storage per account unit for all this accounts stands at 2GB per account with the only difference being that the addresses allocated to each of the bouquets is different. The premier service for instance has 10 addresses; the preferred service has 7 addresses; whilst the value service also has some 7 addresses.

The advantages that you stand to reap when you register for this e-mail service are in many respects an offer that is worth its weight in gold. Think about it – you have access to high internet speeds, an email account that is encrypted with several layers of security thus ensuring that your stuff remains private, and in theory e-mail storage that could be termed as ‘unlimited’. All this could be yours for a nominal fee when you register with Cox e-mail service today. If you want value for your money, then this is a route that you definitely need to take.

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