Join Cox Web Mail Account To Store 2GB Data

This Company is offering for its customers with which they can create account on the company’s web site and can get storage space. Here is the process to create account for Web mail.


  • If you are interested in getting account so that you can avail the exclusive facility of storage, you can go to this link for further access. .
  • After getting redirected to the required page, you will see some log in fields at the front of the page. These fields are only for already registered clients and users of the company having their own account on the web site. If you are also one of them then use these fields and get in to your account to get the 2GB of storage space offered by Web mail.
  • Below the fields you can see two radio button options to choose the type of account you want to choose. Choose the Classic Web mail option.
  • If you are intended to get a new account, then click on the link below the log in fields having the title of “No Account? Register Now”.
  • After clicking to the link, you will get a page by the title of “Register Your Cox Account”. At the page, first you will be needed to select the method with which you need the confirmation of your account. You can have confirmation options with account number and also with your address or phone number.
  • After this you will have to confirm your services. You will have to fill out the fields by giving your first name and your last name.
  • After this give your social security number in the below fields. This specific 4 digit number will be issued by the company so you can contact to the company advisor if you do not have this number.
  • After this you will have to give your account number in the field below.
  • You can see the images character box in which some letters would be presented that are to be entered in the blank field below. This process is necessary for security validation process.
  • After you have completed this registration page accurately then you can press “Continue” button given below.
  • After wards you will have to follow the further steps for the registration. Follow the steps completely and have an account to get 2 GB storage space by the company.

About Company:

This company is providing the best communication services to the people to get connected all over the world. The company is services to provide good range and good quality services of telephone, wireless communication and networking facility to their customers.

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