2nd & Charles Store Survey Guide

2nd and Charles stores have more of a barter system in which they enable the buyers to bring any other item that could be iPod, CD, DVD, book or video game and sell it for replacement of the item bought first. The items are replaced here and good communication between the staff and customer is made. If any item bought from the store is not according to one’s liking then he can always visit the store to get it replaced in no time at all. All he has to do is bring in the item he bought and buy some other by replacing it. The purchasing as well as the experience the customer has while interacting with the staff members is what the store officials are concerned about.

About Survey:

The quality of items being sold is also kept under consideration. In order to estimate the satisfaction level of the customers selling items at the store, the officials have launched a survey that could help them monitor over all the types of products being sold keeping in mind the quality and not only that but the satisfaction of the customers is also judged and several opinions and advices are considered to improve the services given at store. The survey is easy to take as there are not many instructions that have to be read and rules that have to be followed for taking the survey. Another advantage of taking the survey is that it is not time consuming and takes only few minutes. It not only brings great improvements in the services and offers being given but also helps improve the communication skills of the staff members at the store.

The customers can help run the store if they want to just by taking the survey which is online and free of cost.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. All you have to do is enter the website @ www.2ndandcharles.com/storesurvey
  2. Where you will have an option of choosing the language.
  3. After selecting the language they you will have the opportunity of reading information about other offers being given away and so customer could come to know about a lot of other offers as well.
  4. The next step would take the survey taker to the rules page where you would come to know of many rules and policies that are active.
  5. The code on the slip of the store after selling or buying has to be entered in the bar given. In this way questions will appear that have to be answered.
  6. In this way survey is completed.

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