Flight Check-In With Online American Airlines

Accessing Self Service Check-In

Self service check-in can be way too easily accessed by E-ticket holders in US and you would be able to select international locations.

1-      You can swipe your AAdvantage platinum, AAdvantage executive platinum or AAdvantage gold card in order to get faster service for your ease.

2-      You are able to use your AAirpass cards and Admirals credit cards with their self service machine which is way too convenient along with the magnetic strips.

3-      In case of the purpose of identification the case is different as you are able to place your reservation along your name and six letter locator and moreover you may also be able to swipe a major credit card as well.

Easy Instructions:

Follow The Easy On-Screen Instructions To:

1-      First of all you are required to choose the preferred language from the given options such as Japanese, Spanish, and French and so on.

2-      Then you are required to check-in for the segments of 4 flights.

3-      Then you have the option to select your seat or else you can find alternate for your seat too.

4-      Then print and reprint the boarding pass.

5-      Then you are advised to keep your bags checked but only at the ticket counter.

6-      You are advised to use the option of checking your bags only if you have already checked it at AA.com.

7-      Then you are supposed to add you AAdvantage number.

8-      Then you are required to stand by no matter for later flight in the same day or else earlier one for the eligible passengers.

9-      AAdvantage members have the option to request an upgrade.

10-  You should always request a receipt that is duplicate.


In order to enhance your experience of travel you can look for innovative ways, so you can also check back for the self service that is latest and for its check-in news.

1-      Same-day travel changes: You also have the option of changing your flight when for your flight you check in with the self service machines but with in the 12 hours of departure when you are travelling at a discounted fair with alternate flights.

2-      Eligible passengers: With out any charge you may stand by for a different flight.

3-      Even you have already checked your bags and boarding passes, you are advised to recheck again for up to 4 flight segments.

4-      The bar codes you have on your boarding pass can be used to check your bags in a faster way. You are not required to swipe your credit card in order to know about the flight information and to identify yourself.

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