How To Activate An AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card

Actually this AccountNow prepaid visa is subjected by MetabankTM with the help of a permit by visa U.S.A Inc. these types of cards can be made used of in those places which accept visa debit cards. It is a fact that they work in the similar way as the checking accounts do. Apart from this they are way too helpful in simplifying the process of your payment.

You are able to save a good amount of money with these AccountNow prepaid visa cards as they do not carry any other extra fees. Moreover it is way too helpful in making your money safe in the card as compare to the cash. You are able to get the freedom in financial terms through this card and you are able to keep your money in a safer, cheaper and easier way. It doesn’t matter if you carry a bad history of credit because you can still have this AccountNow prepaid visa card. This is considered to be its unique and additional benefit as compare to other sort of cards.

About Company

It is considered to be one of the market innovators which are known as a classified company which actually had headquarter in San Ramon, CA. the trade mark of the AccountNow Inc is considered to be the AccountNow. The ones who have been actually refused by some banks because of some of the banking issued or the chexsystems, this bank provides all sort of online services of a bank to all these customers. It is considered to be the one and only financial resource center which is online for those customers who are actually not entitled to resort to bank. This is not the case with other banks as they do not accommodate such type of customers.

Ways To Start An AccountNow For Prepaid Visa Card?


1-      For this process you are required to hold card number that is valid.

2-      A computer is required along with the access of the internet.

Guide In Step-By-Step

1-      First of all you are required to have a look at the of AccountNow and view it properly with all the details.

2-      Then you need to full fill all the requirements. As the first one is that you need to enter the card number of the AccountNow Visa card in to the space that is provided.

3-      Then you are required to retype the card number and then hit click to the button written as “submit”.

4-      If you need to know any further information then you need to visit and follow the AccountNow prepaid visa card help: http://www/

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