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There are almost 84 million USA citizens that either cannot get a bank account or choose not to have one due to the detailed process that entails having one. ACE  Cash Express originated in 1968 in Texas as a leading provider of alternative retail banking solutions to SUCH customers either could not get or did not who did not want to have a traditional banking relationship. Through its extended network of franchised stores throughout USA the company is offering following major categories of financial services

  • Loans : Short term loans , home loans, prepaid debit cards, payday loans and auto loans
  • Electronic Fund Transfer and Management: Purchase plans, credit cards , debit cards (prepaid and reloadable), prepaid mobile phones ,Direct deposits , Tax refunds
  • Money Management Solutions

Elite VISA Prepaid Card

Elite Visa prepaid debit card is ACE’s money management solution that comes with the brand identity of VISA Inc. The card is issued by Meta Bank under License from VISA Inc. but is sold through the authorized sales agency of Meta Bank called Net Spend. Anyone applying for a card can go to Net Spend Website and apply online.

Why Sign Up Online Fot ACE Elite VISA Debit Card

Once you have done the online sign up process you can enjoy easy and fast cash management services, easy tax refund and speedy deposit, easy pay day loans and you also can draw a credit balance on your debit card according to the package you choose ; all of this and more only through a simple click on your PC. There are no hidden costs and fee payment plans are very easy.

How To Sign Up For ACE Elite VISA Debit Card

ACE Elite card is the only re- loadable card that gives you trusted secure way to convenient money management.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “ Activate New Card or register for online access” under “Register and get started”.
  3. Enter Your sixteen digit or twenty digit long Card Number
  4. Give CVV code that is printed on the back of the card to the right of the signature box.
  5. Enter PIN Number that was delivered to you
  6. Enter your (SSN)social security number
  7.  Provide further details as per instructions
  8. Wait for the confirmation email at your provided email account.
  9. Follow the link in the email to authenticate your account.


It is money management just like through a credit card or checking account without the cumbersome process of having a full time banking relationship with any single bank. With Online sign Up the VISA card’s identity and wide acceptability now people with lower or bad credit history can also enjoy the benefits of money management.

In addition to the basic feature offered by a debit card ACE also offers an optional plan to make unlimited purchases on one time deposit of 500 USD in the card account.

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