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About Company

Aetna is the brand name of a socially responsible, innovator in the health care systems and health care benefits industry in U.S.A that provides services in many states through its subsidiaries. The company provides a comprehensive set of employee benefits and insurance products and customized health care products. It strives to achieve a balance between quality and cost of health care benefit plans for corporate clients. Aetna supports racial and ethnic equality in health care, endorses provision of accountable care and also aims to create reforms that heighten the benchmark in its industry. It serves both corporate and individual clients with advisory services also in order o enable informed decisions from them.

Aetna Navigator

Aetna navigator is the secure member website that is developed for the ease of members at Aetna. The site provides a twenty four hour online access to Aetna services, Product information etc . All this enables the member to perform self service actions related to health care and health care benefits.

An additional benefit of the Navigator is that it it serves as an indication that enrollment application is received and processed by Aetna already.

Who Can Register For Aetna Navigator

  1. Be a member first register for Aetna online. All original applicants can sign up for navigator.
  2. A covered child, domestic partner or spouse of the applicant.
  3. Person eligible for health and wellness program.

What Feature Aetna Navigator Offers?

By applying for Aetna Navigator online FSA account holders could get access to the following

  • Monitor flexible spending account (FSA) dollar spending.
  • Use the automated tools for calculating the cost estimate for the healthcare plan of your choice and tips on saving money with your FSA account.
  • Enroll for Aetna’s Auto Debit and streamline petty expenses payment without filing claim form.
  • Get enrolled for paperless direct submissions without manual explanation of payment EOP
  • Review coverage details that are offered under various pals.
  • Find an Aetna’ registered panel doctor.

How To Get Aetna Navigator Registration

  1. Log into and click on Register Here.
  2. Give your enrollment slip’s initial ID and password.
  3. Enter your last name first name , date of birth , Zip code, and click the “Continue” button.
  4. Create your secure login and password and make preferred choice of account settings.
  5. Now move on to next step and confirm you agree to the terms and conditions.

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